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San Francisco Bay Area

Welcome to my portfolio

Hi, My name is Aimee Reeff

 I am an Industrial designer with experience in physical and digital product design, ergonomics, UI/UX design, brand development and marketing.

 I am currently studying for my Masters in UI/UX Design and will  have my degree Summer of 2024.
I am a creative problem solver with task and data management experience that increased productivity and client satisfaction.


Plant Finder Prototype

In this exercise we studied a current app on the app store to see what its users value most and despise most in their favorite apps. Then take that feedback and develop a prototype that meets the needs of the target audiences

Etsy Ai

Research and development of an Ai prototype for the Etsy Sellers App, that is aimed at helping users find answers to common issues and mediate problems between the sellers , customers and Etsy.

Where it all started

Foundational design exploration

Below is a collection of projects that I completed while studying for my Bachelors.

These projects include skills from UI/UX design, Model making and Soft goods design, Hand and digital illustration, and photography.

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